Here is assembly information for the Diverse and Blackjack. We are adding more videos to the list below, and when we do we will update this information. The * indicates a video which will be uploaded when we can. 

Assembly information: Vilano Diverse and Vilano Blackjack

If you are familiar and comfortable with assembling a bicycle, the steps are below. You must take your bike to a certified bike mechanic for a safety inspection prior to riding to validate your warranty with Vilano. To see all available product support on the Vilano knowledge base please follow this link:

Tools Required for general bike assembly: 

-10mm wrench 
-15mm wrench 
-4-5-6 mm Allen keys 
-pedal wrench 
-Grease for inserting pedals
-crank wrench 
-bottom bracket sockets and wrench 
-spoke wrench
-Phillips head screwdriver
Additional tools needed for the Diverse and Blackjack
-17mm open end wrench
-cone wrenches 15mm and 13mm
-t25 torx socket
-disk brake rotor truing tool
Let's assemble your Diverse or Blackjack: 
  1. Unbox the bike
  2. Attach the saddle and seat post:
  3. Rotate the handlebars, move the cables, and ensure the fork is sitting in the proper direction. Look at the brakes to ensure the fork is properly positioned.
  4. *Adjust the headset
  5. Adjust the hubs (before wheel truing) :
  6. True the wheels
  7. Attach the front wheel :
  8. * Adjust the handlebars 
  9. Install the pedals and ensure the crank arms are tight (before adjusting front derailleur) 
  10. Adjust your derailleurs: a. Front: Front Derailleur Adjustment b. Rear: Rear Derailleur Adjustment
  11. Tubes: ensure the rim strip is properly seated, make sure the tubes are flat and inflate the tires to the proper PSI - look at the sidewalls to ensure you are inflating to the proper pressure. 
  12. Final tune
  13. Take it to a bike shop for a safety check, and to a bike shop for regular ongoing maintenance.