Before starting this cancellation process ensure you have cancelled the order in shipstation and made sure the order is not going to ship.

To cancel a order you must;

1. Log into Channel Advisor:

2. Copy and paste the order number into the search box (number 1 on picture below)

Click on the line that appears with order information (number 2 on picture below)

3. Click the blue 'Cancel Order' button on the top right hand side of the page.

4. Do not check and of the check boxes and ensure you are cancelling the 'entire order' 

5. Once you've cancelled the order, it may stay as pending while the marketplace is contacted, refresh after 10 minutes and it should have been confirmed. Once confirmed you will see this:

6. Go into Sellercloud and set as 'Cancelled internally' via actions. Leave appropriate notes. Example: 

"Cancelled in Channel advisor, Shipstation, and set as canceled internally in Sellercloud"