Please see below for the full assembly manual. Downloadable/printable PDF version of the manual at the bottom of this article. 

**NOTE regarding pilot holes**

Per the manual, and see below highlighted, there are small pilot holes on Part B and Part C (or guide holes) so that one knows where exactly to place "I" (wine bottle holder) on "B", and "C" to the bottom metal tabs on part(s) "G" with part "P" the wood screws. Once you find one, you should be able to line up metal parts to find the others, just use a screwdriver and the screws will catch right away. Do not fully tighten until you start all 4 screws, once lined up then tighten all. If you cannot see the pilot holes you should be able to feel them if you run your hand along the board. 

**NOTE regarding Wine rack**

It is very malleable.