Conquer SFI 16.1/FIA Rated 6 Point Racing Safety Harness Cam Lock Seat Belts meet established safety standards as determined by two different organizations, the SFI Foundation, Inc. and Federation Internationale De L’Automobile (FIA). They have two safety certifications including SFI 16.1 and FIA STANDARD 8853-2016, as shown on tags on the product. For more information see the below links:


FIA, are certified for 5 years, to 2025 (the 5th photo on the listing for Conquer SFI 16.1/FIA Rated 6 Point Racing) 

SFI is a different certification

Here is a link to some information on the SFI and FIA Seat belt standards and expiration dates:

Photos are typically listed on the listing

The ends can be cut to fit, but please be sure to leave at least 6 inches or more on the ends.

Our manufacturer Taiwan Bike Rack Co is listed on the SFI website and this model has passed SFI certification and be verified with SFI. You can reach them: (858) 451-8868

According to Mike, the measurements for the usable length of the harness is - The straps on the 6 Pt Harness is 70"