Replacing the Motor on your treadmill is very simple.

Before you start make sure your machine is turned off and unplugged from the wall so there's no power going to it.

You'll first want to remove the cover from the machine by following our solution on that.

Then you'll have all of the internals exposed, you'll see the motor, belt and control board.

Your first step will be to unplug the motor from the control board, simply tug gently backward on the red and black connectors to remove them from the board.

Then you'll want to undo the ground screw and remove the yellow ground wire.

Then you can remove the two large hex bolts from the rear of the motor and remove the motor completely from the machine.

Putting the new motor in is just as easy, just put the motor in place making sure to get the belt onto the shaft before you put the motor bolts in.

Once the bolts are in you can put the ground wire in place and screw in the ground screw, then plug in the red and black power connectors remembering the red goes on the bottom.

You're now done! Put the cover back on your machine and you're ready to go with your new motor.