Here are some FAQs and solutions for your ISUP pump. 

My gauge is not registering. 

This gauge reads the pressure inside the board after about 7-8 PSI, which does take some time (around 10 minutes). It actually will not move until it hits at least 7-9 PSI. You may think the board is full, but if the gauge does not move, the board is not full enough. 

QUICK GAUGE TEST: You can check your gauge by removing the hose from the pump. Place your hand over the opening where the hose attached, create a good seal to ensure no air escapes and compress the pump handle. The gauge reads at high pressure so don't be afraid to push hard! You will see the gauge start to register when you push hard. Here is a link with additional helpful tips:

My board is leaking when I pump.

When the pump is attached to the board the valve is open and if you stop pumping with less intensity or stop altogether the air will start to come out. Our suggestion to counteract that is to disconnect the pump hose have a rest and start again.

The board is difficult to pump and it takes two people. One to hold the hose in place and the other to pump. 

If you are having this experience all you will need to do is swap the o-ring at the end of your hose. In your package was included a spare o-ring that will be a little thicker than the o-ring included on the hose, all you will need to do is swap them out. This will create a tighter seal and allow you to pump the board by yourself. If you do not have a seal on the end of your hose please check in your package and insert the o-ring on the end of the hose. 

I can not get the hose to stay in the valve.

The hose will take a good amount of down pressure and twisting motion to screw into position. Please ensure that the seal is tight so that no air can leave. You will feel a faint ‘click’ once it sits in place.

Dual-action pump?

If you have a dual-action pump keep the plug in. This will allow you to pump on the push and the pull action. However, the pump works best as a single action after around 10PSI as the pull starts to get tougher. Our advice would be to remove the plug after around 10PSI or when you find the pulling up a little tough. Soley pushing down will be much easier from this moment onward.