Help, I lost my fin! 

We have heard this once or twice. Maybe you left it at the lake, or forgot to pack it for summer vacation. OR, maybe you just want a spare fin, just in case.

If you need another fin, one manufactured by Vilano (SKU: 370-CFIN) is available online. A simple internet search of "vilano inflatable sup center fin" will give you options for purchase.

Here are the specs for the fin:

Bottom part (that slides into the fin box):

Width - 1 1/4 inches

Length - 7 1/4

Thickness 1/4 inch

The slot for the clip is 1 5/8 inches from the end where the fin curves toward the back of the board. 

The clip is 9/16 inches wide.

The fin (the curved part that hangs down into water and tracks the board) is 8" long.