Owning an inflatable SUP board is highly rewarding, right? Paddling leisurely out on the water all day, or maybe making a SUP session into a great outdoors workout is your priority. But no matter how you use your board, you get back what you give. Instead of the usual tips on care and maintenance, we thought we'd flip that around and tell you things you should not do with your new SUP.

Here is what NOT to do with an inflatable stand up paddle board:

Don't drop it

Inflatable SUPs are super durable, and rigid like hard boards. The boards are large, and you may not be used to lugging one around. Don't be tempted to drop it. If the SUP board falls to the ground, you risk breaking the fin or stressing and eventually puncturing the PVC.

Don't drag it

Your SUP board is pretty long, and after a long day of paddling you may be too tired to carry it. This may seem obvious, but do not drag it along the ground! Rocks, debris, gravel or even just a sandy beach can scratch the board, and repeated scratching could lead to a hole.

Don't keep it in direct sunlight

So important, it bears repeating and all caps... DO NOT LEAVE YOUR INFLATABLE SUP BOARD OUT IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT! Can you paddle in water while the sun is out? Of course you can (the water keeps the internal temperature of the board cooler), but never leave the SUP out of the water, exposed to the sun. 

Don't let it get filthy

Rinse the board when you are finished paddling. Use a little bit of dish soap and a cloth to get any stubborn dirt off. Your inflatable SUP is low maintenance, but cleaning it properly will extend its life.

Don't paddle in too shallow or rocky waters

Be careful in shallow water and be aware of the tides. Try not to scrape over the top of rocks, you may scratch up the fin and board.

Don't store a SUP board outside 

Subjecting your paddle board to the elements will eventually take a toll on it. The danger of getting stolen is higher if it is outside, too.

Inflatable SUPs like the Vilano and Pathfinder boards are being made better than ever. They are easy to travel with, lightweight, yet durable enough to enjoy in any season. You can help the board's longevity by taking our advice on what NOT to do with it!