Changing the Chain:

01) Remove the nut from the bolt in front the gear (Picture 1)

- Use the provided wrench to loosen the nut

-Once its loose enough you can use your fingers to get it off the rest of the way

02) Slide the bolt out of the gear and plastic housing

-Push on the front of the pin to get it to come out

-You may have to push the back support bar back further to get the bolt to come out

03) Pull the gear downward

-The gear and the housing will come out of their slot together, just pull downward slightly and they will pop right out

04) Remove the plastic cover and chain from the gear

05) Remove both nuts from the pedals (Picture 2)

06) Now the chain is free

07) Place your new chain on the gear

08) Place the plastic cover on the gear

09) Put the gear and plastic cover back in place and reinstall the bolt

10) Reattach the chain on both pedals

Please see this handy video: