If you are unsure about the age of your Vilano Urbana, please email, and if possible include a photo of your bike.

Urbana Handle Bars 

The Urbana handle bars need to have everything perfectly aligned before you are able to ride. 

  1. Handle bar plastic bushing

  2. Clamp + Wheel

  1. Your first step will be to check if your Urbana has the plastic handlebar bushing inserted and everything is lined up properly with the arrows in our diagram below. The bushing should snap into place when properly aligned. The handlebars themselves have a groove which will line up with the frame of the bike, this is so the bars can only be inserted one one.

    See the pictures below:

2. The Clamp alignment. 

The handlebar clamp on the Urbana should be slightly off center when your handlebars are installed correctly. This is to ensure that when the bike is folded its all able to collapse properly.

If your handlebars aren't perfectly aligned with your front wheel its very easy to correct. Simply fold the handlebars and use a 6mm Allen wrench to loosen the bolt in the center, do not remove the bolt all the way, just loosen it enough to be able to set your handlebars where they need to be. Once you've got your handlebars and your front wheel aligned properly simply tighten that bolt back down and you're all set.

                              CORRECT                                                                      INCORRECT

If for any reason you follow the above steps and you are still finding that your wheel and handlebars do not align properly, you may simply need to adjust the quill stem! 

This is a very simple adjustment:

1. Fold down handlebars entirely

2. This will reveal the quill stem bolt. Using a 6mm allen wrench, turn the bolt a half turn counter-clockwise. 

3. Next, fold the handlebars back up. You are now able to pivot the handlebars slightly so they align properly with the wheel. 

4. Once you are content with the alignment, simply fold the handlebars back down, and tighten the quill stem bolt with a half turn clockwise. You are good to go!