Are you pumping and pumping, your SUP board is holding air, and yet... the gauge does not seem to be registering the PSI?

Most gauges will not register until the board is at around 7-8 PSI. Even though it seems rigid ( you can even stand on some SUP's at this point), it will still require more pumping to reach the correct PSI. Trust us, there is no way to over-inflate or damage the board with a hand pump! 

To see if the gauge and pump are working, please remove the hose from the pump. 

Ensure the gauge is secure on top. Place your hand over the opening where the hose was attached, create a good seal to ensure no air escapes and push down on the pump handle. You will feel pressure on your hand and the gauge will start to move when the needle moves this indicates the gauge is working. It is a high-pressure gauge so don't be afraid to push hard! You will only see the gauge start to register when you push hard. 

Just keep pumping until the gauge registers. We recommend riding the board at 10-15 PSI. The board will perform at its best at 15 PSI.

If the gauge doesn't register with the steps above, here are some additional quick tips:

Please remove the circular gauge and check if there is any silicone covering the intake tunnel. If there is, you should be able to simply remove the silicone. After this, we recommend that you gently tap the face of the gauge. Then reinstall the gauge and check to see if you now have a reading by again placing your hand over the air output where the hose connects to the pump.