Here is an amazing video and instructions (below) on how to assemble the Vliano Boy's BMX Bike (575-BMX):

The Vilano Children’s/Boy’s BMX Bike (575-BMX) requires assembly by an adult.

Tools required: hex wrenches, adjustable wrench, Phillips screwdriver

1. Remove packaging materials. Locate small parts box.

2. Install training wheels. Loosen axle nut, slide bracket onto locking nut, tighten.

3. Handle bars/stem installation. Stem will be upside down for packing reasons. Loosen bolts on stem and flip over. Remove rubber sleeve and discard. The stem has a wedge bolt, insert it into head tube at least to minimum insertion line. Tighten.

4. Insert seat post into seat tube/frame (at least to minimum insertion line) and tighten.

5. Install front wheel. Be sure fork dropouts face forward. Line up locking nut. Tighten bolts.

6. Install pedals. Use pedal grease. Right pedal threads on clockwise, the left pedal threads on counter-clockwise.

7. The primary braking system is a coaster brake, and this bike also comes with a learning hand brake. To install hand brake, loosen pinch bolt. Thread cable through brake lever. Pull slack, hold in place, tighten pinch bolt. Be sure brake pads touch rim, adjust accordingly. Use barrel adjuster to fine tune.

8. Install water bottle bracket. Once installed, bend slightly toward rear wheel to ensure bottle will clear the bike seat.

9. Install reflectors, bell, and plastic axle nut caps.

10. Put air in tires to recommended PSI (found on sidewall of tire).

Thanks for checking it out!