This quick video will show you how to convert a Vilano Single Speed Bike, to a Fixed Gear:

Nearly every bike in our fixed gear category has a flip flop hub, meaning it has two sides: the freewheel side and the fixed gear side. The freewheel side allows you to coast or stop pedaling while the bike is in motion. The bikes are shipped this way, and it is easy to switch between the two.

On the fixed gear side, if the rear wheel is moving, the pedals move with it. You have to keep pedaling!

There are benefits to each, and as the rider, you will have the option to choose which you prefer.

In order to convert your Vilano bike to a fixed gear from single speed, you need to start by removing the rear wheel. Loosen the 2 nuts from the axle on the rear wheel. Slide it forward, take the chain off, flip it over to the 'fixed' gear side and re-install.

Don't force, be gentle, and if you have any questions please call our bike techs at 855-438-2453 for assistance.

*Please note, after making any changes or repairs to your bike, please take it to a bike shop to make sure any modifications are done safely. Additionally, bring your bike to the shop for annual check ups/tune ups/safety checks.

A singlespeed is a bike with one gear. A fixie or fixed gear bike is a singlespeed where the brakes have been removed, and the cog has no freewheel so when the wheel is moving, the pedals (and your legs) are moving too.