The one-year warranty covers defects in the board itself. It does not cover misuse and/or abuse. Examples of issues that the warranty does not cover include, but are not limited to, leaving an inflated board in the sun (and not in the water) resulting in the board exploding, or running the board up onto a lava flow or onto an oyster bed and puncturing the material.

The original accessories come with a limited 30-day warranty. It does not cover lost items.

Register and submit a claim:

First, if you have not already, please register the SUP board. Then fill in our contact us form HERE

To expedite the process with our warranty team, please give as much detail as you can in the description of the issue. 

Please provide an order number in your description of the issue. If you cannot find or do not have an order number, please attach the invoice or screen capture of your order on the market

We will review all of the information you send and will be in touch with you within 24 hours with any questions we may have and potential solutions for you. We want you to be happy, and will work hard to be sure you have a perfectly working SUP board that you enjoy using!