Thank you for purchasing a Vilano board! We know you will love your new iSUP. After you have receive your board, please take the time to unpack the entire kit.  Here is a list of things to look for (refer to the UNBOXING tips first ):

SUP How to

We recommend registering your board within 30 days of purchasing. Click HERE to register your Vilano Inflatable SUP Board. The board's serial number can be found on the bottom of the board, near the fin box.

The below video (at 5:56) will show you exactly how to find the serial number on your vilano SUP board.

Where to find serial number on Vilano SUP

If you need to file a warranty claim, we are happy to assist you! Please be sure to register the SUP board before submitting a warranty claim.

For more warranty information on these boards, please see the article here:

Vilano and Pathfinder SUP Warranty