Pedals can be the easiest part of the assembly process. Of course, if you have never installed them before, they can be frustrating. Here are some helpful assembly instructions.

First, identify the right and left bike pedals with the "L" and "R" letters on the axle or wrench flats. The Left and Right are defined as if you are sitting on the bike. The right pedal is threaded to be installed with a clockwise motion (Righty-Tighty). While the left pedal is threaded counter clockwise (Lefty-Loosy), so be very careful when installing them. When properly installed, these should twist on with ease so don't force them!

a. Heavily grease the threads of both pedals using pedal grease.

b. Use fingers on the wrench flats, thread each pedal until snug.

c. Use a pedal wrench to snug pedal until tight and position your wrench on the flat portion of the pedal.

d. Using opposite arm as second lever, tighten pedal. Don't forget the process for the left pedal is to thread counter-clockwise to install.

Check out the video:

***Please note, threaded parts are not covered under warranty. After making any changes or doing any work on your bike, it is always a good idea to take it to a bike shop to make sure any modifications are done safely. Additionally, you will want to bring your bike to a certified bike mechanic for an annual safety check.