These tickets will come into the queue and will look like this: 

FedEx exceptions will typically let you know the exception type in the ticket title. Things to note before getting started - If this is a Wayfair order please simply close the exception as we are not allowed to directly contact Wayfair customers due to our terms of agreement with Wayfair.

Steps to take:

1. Open the exception ticket and check the latest tracking via the FedEx website by searching the tracking number on the ticket here:

2. Find the order via Sellercloud

FedEx exceptions will have all the information you need to find the order in the main body of the email.

3. Once the order has been found create a ticket in Freshdesk for the customer

4. After creating the ticket, find the correct canned response for the exceptions listed on the FedEx website. 

For example "First delivery attempt" send the "FedEx - Delivery Attempt Made" canned response. You will need to pay attention to the canned response and fill in the gaps with the correct information. 

5. Notate in Sellercloud with exception details and the ticket number you created NOT the exception ticket number. For example - "Ticket number - Sent customer attempted first delivery snippet sent"