There are two solutions you should review prior to working an RMA. This solution will walk through how to process an RMA. It will cover the most common situations for ideal returns (where the customer returned the product against the proper order). I will then go on to cover not-ideal returns (if they return the wrong product, or return against wrong order). I will also cover how to work orders where replacement order/exchanges have been sent. 

Prior to getting started, you need to review this other solution: XXX

This solution was going to be long enough as is with all of this information. I wanted to make a separate solution to explain some rules of different marketplaces, leaving notes in Amazon, how Amazon discounts work, Buyer-Seller SFP labels. 

Simplified how to work an Amazon Return

1. Pull up order in SellerCloud. Review notes. If Buyer pays (SFP), look up label cost in Amazon. If 3P, review notes to see if CS gave a buyer or seller pays label. Decide if Restocking fee is necessary and allowed.

2. Review information provided on Return Label, compare it to the product that was purchased. Leave note on the order in format: "XXX Returned, (XXX label cost) Refunding XXX". Enter the RMA. Enter Amazon if you need to leave internal order notes (if buyer pays, or to point out they used a bad code and why - even if you are not deducting).

3.  In the RMA, click the product, select "Set Resolution Refund" from the Actions bar and hit "Go"

4. On the next screen, enter your note again, enter the refund amount to the far right. Pay attention to the "Order Discount" field. You will need to deduct that off of the Item price. Please review other solution if there were multiple lines on the order and a discount appears here.

5. After you hit save you will see the following message appear: click the link. 

6. On the next screen, uncheck then check the box to the far left. This will make the amount that the system auto filled in the "prime refund" section appear below in the "Refund Total" area. It pulls this amount from what you typed on step 4. Select Refund Reason and hit Continue.

7. Wait for the "Refund successfully made." message to pop up. You are done. We do not email Amazon customers when we complete returns.