First, when on an order in Delta, in the upper right hand corner, select the icon circled below then select "Switch to Original Design" to bring your order up in CWA.

Notes Field, Actions Bar, Related Orders, Shipping/Tracking Info. When you first pull up the order, the ORDER notes will always be in the upper right hand corner, with the actions bar above it. If you need to see the most recent related order it will appear where the blue circle is in the screenshot below. If you need the tracking number or ship date, click on the shipping tab indicated with the red circle below.

Leaving Notes, "Customer Instructions" "Customer Service Notes" and refunds If you scroll down on the order you will see the field you will use to add order notes (marked in blue below). It will default to add them to "Order Notes", leave this how it is. Marked in black below are the other places you can place notes in: Customer's Instruction and Customer Service Notes field. Lastly, near the very bottom you will see the Payment History, it will state the date the order was marked paid and if there has been a refund you will see it where the red box indicates below.