There are three dropship marketplaces:

-Overstock Dropship



For these three marketplaces, we can NOT provide concessions. They are not our customer. They are the customer of the marketplace. We can help them with warranty only. They need to reach out to the marketplace directly for return instructions as each marketplace handles it differently. 

For example: overstock dropship coordinates with the customer - receives the return back themselves. If the return is in decent condition, they reach out to Suzanna/Chris directly asking if we want the product back. If we do, they ship it back to us on our dime. If we do not they instead provide us a partial credit. If the product is trashed entirely, they do not ask if we want it back but instead provide us the partial credit. Each marketplace is different in how they.

WayFair Policy: is back to how it was - Parts support for 12 months and then if they need a full replacement after the 2 month warranty period, we can send the customer to WayFair. <-- They are difficult to deal with and do not typically respond. Please follow up with Greg or Chris on how to best handle.