This solution outlines how to find an incoming date for a product. 

1. Go to the Shipping Container screen in the original view in SellerCloud 

2. In the Product ID field type the whole SKU. It cannot look up partial SKUs.

3. If you do not wish to see containers that have already arrived you can change the "Received" status to "Not received". The "Estimated Arrival Date" is the physical delivery date to our warehouse. If the shipment you want does not have an Estimated Arrival Date, click the Container ID to the far left to get more information about this shipment. 

4. Once you are in the container details screen you can see helpful date, products, qty, port and container size. If there is no Estimated Arrival Date, you can add 7 days to the ETA Port date to provide the customer with an estimate on when we should have the product in stock. The port ETA date is subject to change and we generally receive it at our warehouse 2 or 3 days after that date, so keep a small buffer such as 7 days.