NOTE TO SELF: I made this for Cherry originally for SFP returns prior to getting the RMAs to auto import. It does not currently have a use, I was going to delete it, but I think that this is good for when we move toward CSTEAM creating RMAs when they approved Misc Marketplace returns (or out of sys WMM/AMZ returns)

1. First, pull up the order in SellerCloud Delta. Select "Actions" in the order, and then hit "Create RMA". 

2. On the next screen select the return reason from the drop down, if your reason does not exist, hit "Other". Do not worry, there will be a field on a later screen to provide what the return reason actually is if you have selected Other. 

3. On this screen, select the items being returned ONLY, enter the quantity being returned (can be found on the FD ticket), make sure the return reason is correct, if you selected "Other" for Reason, you can now paste the action reason in the "Description" box. Then hit Create.

4. On the next screen, hit "Edit" in the top right hand corner. You can now edit various things on the page, the important thing is to enter the tracking number in the tracking field. Then hit "Save" (It will be found in the upper right hand corner where the Edit button was originally). 

5. After you click save, you are free to click the link underneath "Original Order" to go back to the order's main page.

6. Now that you are back to the order page, you are free to leave your usual notes in the General notes field. You are now free to contact the customer if needed or close the FD ticket if not needed.