In the SKU box in the Manage Inventory tab, start typing a sku you wish to print a label for. Once the drop down appears and you see the sku you want, select it. You are still able to continue typing in the same box. You can enter as many skus as you need, then finally hit "Search" and you will see a list of just the skus you entered. NOTE: IF SEARCHING -RET SKUS, MAKE SURE YOU CHANGE THE STATUS FROM ACTIVE: ACTIVE TO ACTIVE: ALL. SEE BELOW SCREENSHOT. 

Once you've selected the product(s) from the inventory list that you want labels for, hit "print product labels" then "go". 

Once the next page, be careful, it defaults to suggesting you print a label for every item we have in stock, be sure to change "barcode qty" to the number you actually need. 

Once you hit "Print Barcode" you should receive the following. To actually get the barcode you will need to be on the jobs page. You can try the link in SellerCloud, if it tells you redirect error, then use this link to get to the queued jobs. Once on this page just hit "Search" to see the most recent jobs. 

If the link does not work you can also get there by hovering on "Settings" tab at the top, select "Company Settings", then on the Venditio Group LLC line click on the "Queued Jobs" link. Again you will need to hit the "Search button" on the next page to see the most recent results.

Once you actually get to the queued jobs section, you will see your job near the top. It will let you know if there were any errors during the job near the far right, if not, you will see a pdf all the way to the right.