This solution will outline marking returns as received in the RMA, and stocking products in New and Used.

Marking products as received. This process is made up of 3 basic steps. When you reach the 3rd step, you must decide if the item is going New or Used. Once you decide, please progress down to the new and used sections to proceed. 

1. Pull up the RMA in SellerCloud. Enter the linked RMA. If an RMA does not exist, hit "Create/Manage RMA" from the actions bar in the top right hand corner of the order and hit go. You will need to know the return reason, please review the order notes prior to hitting go. 

2. Once in the RMA, there is a notes field in the bottom left. You are welcome to outline product condition in this field and hit "Save". Next, hit the checkbox next to the sku that was returned, and in the actions bar hit "Receive Return" "Go". (RMA screen for reference)

3. On the receive return screen you need to fill in qty received and destination warehouse, then hit Save. For new: Enter qty and select Warehouse "WH-FL" then hit save. It is now up for sale. For used: This is a multiple step process, for the RMA portion all you need to do is enter qty and select Warehouse "Returns" then hit Save. This is a not for sale location. (Picture example of stocking in new)

Now that you are done with receiving all of your returns for the day, it is time to stock in the RET items. There are two ways to do this, one by one and in bulk. I would only recommend doing it one by one if you only have a couple to process. 

One by one

1. Go to the inventory tab and hit "Transfer Between SKUs" Hit "New Transfer" see picture for reference.

2. On the next screen, you will need to fill in "From SKU", "To SKU", "From Warehouse", "To Warehouse", QTY, and "Transfer Reason". Then Hit Save. You are done. Here is an example of what it should look like. Please leave cost blank.

Sku to Sku in bulk