On occasion you will receive UPS exception emails with tracking numbers that do not appear to be associated with an order. We will use Ticket 706047 as an example. Ticket 706047 references a tracking number: 1Z7R3E761293393061. Searching this number in Odoo yields no results. I am adding a screenshot of all the information you are provided on this ticket: 

Once you realize you cannot locate an order in Odoo by this tracking number, the next step will be to actually track the provided tracking number. Once you track the provided number you will notice it looks a little different than normal. This is because this UPS exception is actually for a tracking number that is associated with a refused (return to sender) shipment. Once you see this, look on the right hand side of the UPS page and you will see "Alternate Tracking Number(s)" this will provide you the original outbound tracking number. Please see below screenshot. 

Once you have obtained the original tracking number you can look up the order in Odoo. Go to the Sales tab in Odoo, then down to the "Tracking Numbers" section on the left hand side, paste in the tracking number in the search bar and hit enter. 

Next, click into the line. You will be brought to a new screen, click on the link next to "Picking Ref" it will start with WH-FL or 3PL

Once you click that line, you will be brought to the Delivery Order screen and will find the order number on the right hand side next to "Source Document".

Now that you have the order number, go back to FD. Link the ticket to the order. Then pull up the order in Odoo and create a ticket to send the customer the appropriate UPS exception - outlining if return shipping costs will be deducted or not.

*** PLEASE NOTE*** We do NOT create emails and contact Wayfair , OverStock, or Groupon Customers. Notate in Odoo rearding the type of exception each time they come in and  add the order number to the exception ticket. Then you can close the exception ticket.