As the sole distributor for Aztron Stand Up Paddle Boards in the United States, the Vilano team will handle Aztron SUP Board warranty and customer service.

There are many reasons to register your new Aztron SUP Board on the Vilano website. Registering it activates the warranty. It also keeps a record of your board's serial number. This is vital info for law enforcement in the unfortunate event the item is ever stolen, and the first thing the police will need if they are able to successfully recover it. Also, you must register your Aztron SUP Board before you submit a warranty claim. 

The serial number on your Aztron SUP Board can be found on the underside of the board, near its tail/fin box.

Consult the Aztron SUP Board Manual (which came with your board) for the terms of the warranty.

Congratulations on your purchase of an Aztron Inflatable SUP Board!

Click HERE to register your Aztron SUP Board.