Please see attached for the 530-TRNRFLUID manual.

Assembling the unit is simple! 

  1. Unfold the trainer's frame 
  2. Attach the resistance knob bracket with the 4 screws
  3. Attach the fluid resistance unit with the bolt
  4. Exchange the enclosed rear wheel skewer with the one from your bike 
  5. Loosen the lock rings and knobs on the trainer
  6. Line up your rear wheel with the couplings on the trainer
  7. Tighten the couplings
  8. Be sure the tension knob is fitted into the barrel bolt on the resistance unit
  9. Tighten against your rear tire
  10. Put the riser block under your front wheel
  11. Get to riding!

Let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you for reading.


1. Diameter of skewer is 4.8mm 

2. Diameter of Adjustment knob is 7.8mm