Here is the link for FedEx Claims:


Make sure you sign in to venditiocs before you go any further.

Put the tracking number into the "Tracking/PRO Number" field

Choose your claim type, generally it will be "Shipment Not Received" for a missing package, but if the customer says something was missing from the order due to the packaging being damage you can use "Shipping Missing Contents" and you'll rarely need "Shipment Damaged"

Click Continue

Now we're in the "Shipping Information" page, this is where we enter all the package details, you'll need the following (see pic FedEx Claim Details):

    -Item Details (ex [003-ROAD-SHOE-45] Road Cycling Shoe, Velcro Strap (45 EU, Black))

    -Item Cost

    -How many items

    -Shipping Cost

    -Order Number

After you've filled out the above information as shown in the picture we'll scroll down to the next section. It asks: "To facilitate claims processing, please select the item that best describes your shipment" Just scroll to the bottom of the list and select "None of the above" none of the selections make sense for us.

Under "Additional Comments" you can add any details you have from the customer, if they stated that they asked a building manager or looked through mailboxes or asked neighbors or anything of that nature I like to include that.

If it asks for Photos and Proof of Value, I print the invoice from Odoo to a PDF and rename it "[tracking number] Invoice" ie "789045743137 Invoice", then I pull up the order in Ship Station and take a screenshot of it, making sure the price is showing. I rename the screenshot "[tracking number] Shipping" and then upload both documents.

Click Continue

Now we're on the "Your Information" page, this should all be filled out already just double check and make sure its all correct.

Click Continue

Now we're on the "Review" page, go over all the details and make sure everything is correct, once you're sure scroll all the way down and hit Submit. It won't look like anything happened, scroll all the way to the top of the page and you should see a grey bar with 3 circles in it, that means its working.

Once the claim is submitted copy the claim number and put it into Odoo as "FedEx Claim ID : XXXX". Enter the Odoo Tag "DID NOT RECEIVE"

LAST STEP: Email Subject, FedEx missing package. Body has order number, item sku and cost, fedex tracking number and fedex claim number. 

You're done!

Signature vs. no signature:

Signature captured- This essentially safe guards us as we have a signature from the address the customer provided saying they accepted the package (especially with Amazon).

If a signature is captured, but it was delivered to the wrong address, FedEx must go pick up the package and redeliver to correct address.

If a signature is captured, but it was delivered to wrong address via USPS- refund customer. We can't ask customer to go pick up and USPS is not advanced enough to assist with these situations... better to refund (per Suzanna).