When you see a second or third FedEx delivery attempt

1. Please check to see if the customer was already emailed with the FedEx 1st Delivery Attempt

IF NOT - please email with 1st Delivery attempt template. You will need to edit the email to say that FedEx has made a 2nd attempt or 3rd

(please make sure that the FreshDesk ticket is linked to Odoo with appropriate notes. Details at the bottom of the page here: Linking a FreshDesk ticket to Odoo/ Copy ticket and notes

2. After you send the email, please unassign the agent on the Right hand side of your screen

3. After this is unassigned, please update the ticket and add a note. 

    - The note should include something to let us know that this is a 2nd or 3rd delivery attempt. These MUST BE CALLED

*** PLEASE NOTE*** We do NOT create emails and contact Wayfair , OverStock, or Groupon Customers. Notate in Odoo rearding the type of exception each time they come in and  add the order number to the exception ticket. Then you can close the exception ticket.