When we get these notifications, please be sure to check the FedEx website to ensure this is the most recent exception

You can also check the travel history for more specific details 

Once you have determined that there is a delivery exception, please complete the following:

1. Find the order number

2. Put in the Order Number field on the Right hand side of the Fresh Desk ticket 

3. Update the ticket

4. Reload the page 

5. Under Odoo ERP, click on "Link Order"

6. Make notes on the bottom of the Fresh Desk ticket so we know what is going on

This links this links the ticket to Odoo. Here is a helpful video (this is from UPS, but it is the same idea):



1. Copy the Ticket and ticket number in the upper Left hand side of the Fresh Desk ticket. 

2. Paste this in the Odoo order and paste your notes from Fresh Desk

Please see the video here (this is from UPS but it is the same concept):


When you are creating the email in Odoo: Set the ticket type "order issue", comment "FedEx Exception: 1st Delivery Attempt"

Send the " FedEx Delivery Attempt Made" template 

Leave a note on FedEx exception email, "Contacted customer on ticket #_____" And set both emails to "Resolved" and " Order Issue" 

*** PLEASE NOTE*** We do NOT create emails and contact Wayfair , OverStock, or Groupon Customers. Notate in Odoo rearding the type of exception each time they come in and  add the order number to the exception ticket. Then you can close the exception ticket.