Sometimes we get odd ball exceptions that don't fall into one category. If you don't have a clear cut response, please unassign the ticket and make a notes for us with your question. 

    - Sometimes we just need to call UPS and THAT IS OK!

Here is an example:

When you check the tracking you see this

Then you look at the Shipment Progress 

On 10/19, you can see that the receiver arranged for same day will call. Customers can choose this UPS service when they would like to pick up their package at a UPS location. 

    - When they choose this service, they MUST bring a government issued photo ID (like a drivers license) and proof of residence. 

    - This is a secure way to ensure that the right customer gets their package 

    - You can read more about it here

Later on 10/19, you can see that the receiver cancelled the will call and asked UPS to attempt delivery. 

    - As we are getting conflicting messages from UPS, we want to ensure  that UPS is documenting the correct steps and the customer receives their package. 

In this case, we called UPS directly to see what was going on. 

If you something like this, please let us know as sometimes it is easier to simply call UPS to see what they say. If you have ANY QUESTIONS, please let us know. 

*** PLEASE NOTE*** We do NOT create emails and contact Wayfair , OverStock, or Groupon Customers. Notate in Odoo rearding the type of exception each time they come in and  add the order number to the exception ticket. Then you can close the exception ticket.