UPS Exception: Delivered to an Access Point 

BEFORE you do anything, please check the tracking. UPS sends us an exception every time there is a shipping modification. Please check the tracking with UPS before moving forward. 

A UPS access point is a location used to securely hold a package. Sometime customers choose deliver their package to an Access Point if they don't want a package delivered to their house.

UPS can also redirect a package to a UPS access point if they had 1 unsuccessful delivery and they are close to an Access Point. 

Why does the customer need to know? The package is being held and a specific location for a limited amount of time. By providing the customer with the address, hours of operation and time limit that the package will be held, we can ensure that the package it successfully delivered instead of returned to us. 

When is is delivered to an Access Point, IT WILL SAY DELIVERED

When you see this, please scroll down to the "Shipment Progress"

UPS will have the most recent activity at the top

When the package is at the Access Point, we email the customer with the Access Point Template. Even if the customer chose this service. We want to make sure they have all the information they need to pick up their package. 

BEFORE you send an email, please link the ticket to Odoo and make notes in Odoo. 

    If you need a quick reminder, please see the steps here: Linking a FreshDesk ticket to Odoo/ Copy Ticket and Notes

*** PLEASE NOTE*** We do NOT create emails and contact Wayfair , OverStock, or Groupon Customers. Notate in Odoo rearding the type of exception each time they come in and  add the order number to the exception ticket. Then you can close the exception ticket.