Vilano Balance Bike Lightweight Aluminum Frame, 12" wheels 575-ALYBAL assembly instructions:

Tools required: adjustable wrench, 6 mm hex wrench

1. Remove packaging materials. Leave plastic around fork/headset until ready to attach fork. 

2. Remove plastic packaging from fork headset (at the top of fork), take care to keep parts in order (fig.1). Leave one bearing retainer on bottom of fork. Remove other bearing retainer, threaded race, washer, and locknut (fig 2.). Slide fork up through head tube. Add parts in order: first the bearing retainer, next the threaded race, next the washer (be sure to line up with notch in fork threading), and finally the locknut (fig 3).

3. Handlebars/stem installation. Remove rubber sleeve/packaging and discard. The stem has a wedge bolt, insert it into head tube at least to minimum insertion line. Tighten.

4. Install front wheel. Line up locking nuts, tighten.

5. Loosen seat post clamp if necessary, then install seat post and saddle assembly into seat tube (at least to minimum insertion line), tighten.

6. Install bell and handlebar clamp cover.

7. Put air in tires to recommended PSI (found on sidewall of tire).

fig. 1

fig. 2

fig. 3

Click here for a great video on how to assemble the 575-ALYBAL

We hope this is helpful!